Three more F1 races were canceled in the 2020 season

Azerbaijan, Singapore and Japan are the latest countries to decide not to host F1 racing this season. Because they were afraid of translating Covid-19. However, the organizers said there will still be between 15-18 stages. Previously, there were 4 F1 races canceled, including: Australia, Netherlands, Monaco and France. In addition to the 3 newly announced

Isle of Man TT race – where people are challenged

Everyone feels that MotoGP is too dangerous, even a small mistake makes the driver pay with his own life. But, somewhere on an island, there is a race that is ten thousand times more dangerous than MotoGP. That is the Isle of Man Tourist Trophy. The Isle of Man is an Irish island, located between

Marc Marquez is only 3rd in the list of the best riders in history

Although Giacomo Agostini has won the most number of times, his name is mentioned only in Europe. This was due to limitations in the schedule and television technology of that period. So Valentino Rossi has been voted Crash News history number one racer. The prestigious news website about racing is based on achievements, and the

The madness of the Flat Track racing road

The first Board Track races are leveraged from old bike tracks. But this formula does not last long because of its danger. The Moto industry has produced high-performance supercars, and thus, as a result, racing regimes new motorbikes. Flat Track Racing is one such formula, with similarities and no less “crazy” than its predecessor Board

Marc Marquez has dominated MotoGP for the past decade

Marc Marquez has been the leader of statistics for the past 10 years at the world’s top motorcycle race. Although playing less than other senior competitors, the current champion of MotoGP is still overwhelming in a series of important summary data. And that’s best of all the championships all season. The following statistics select 8

Top 5 the most unpredictable races in F1 all the time

For any fan of speed, you can’t miss Formula One which is considered as one of the most favorite motorbike racing in the world. Although it is a USA national race, it has been located in many places in many nations. So, it becomes popular with everyone. In this article, we will continue to refer

Top 5 the most unpredictable races in F1 all the time

If you are fan of motorbike racing, you can’t miss Formula 1. It is also called F1. F1 is considered as the most motorbike racing in the USA as well in the world. We have ever seen big brands like Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull during amazing races in F1. In this article, we share

Top event about history of Formula One

Formula One is granted as the most motorbike racing in the world. In this article, we will summarize top major events about history of Formula One. If you are finding some news about this racing competition, following our article. Formula One was planned and discussed from 1930s but then it was delayed because the world

MotoGP 19- The Best Motorcycle game for a racer

MotoGP 19 is considered as one of the most modern games about the racing games in 2019. This game has received success and positive comments from players because of a variety of ways for design, graphic as well machine. This article will continue to review about this game– MotoGP 19. In the previous article, we

MotoGP 19- The Best Motorcycle game for a racer

For the Formula seasons, almost Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes are dominating above all other motorbike brands in the world for Moto GP. Some guys feel it looks pretty boring when other brand can be competitive. But another view, we see profession and development of 2 the biggest brand about motorbike for racing. This article will