Month: October 2019

Ducati Panigale V4 R Review

Introduction Panigale V4 R is the latest version of Ducati which the manufacturer has built up to win the World Superbike championship. So it has unique design to become the winner for all racing motorbikes. Maybe it can special limit spending for special planet of amazing racers. Like a professional racer, it requires strength, stamina

How Dangerous Are Motorcycles Race?

Almost car and motorcycles has been notorious about risk and danger during the course and competition. As for pro racers, the death can happen anytime. Although they deeply understand about accidents as well difficulty from racing, they still crazy and have passion for tracks. If you are a pro racer or fan of motorcycles racing,

The most extreme motorcycle races in the world

Motorcycle racing become one of the most interesting sport in the world. It is attractive both racer and people like watching racing. As unique adventure to discover the roads and views around our life in the special way, you can feel amazing when someone can break limit of talent and effort via racing. But actually