4 heroes of the motorbike in all time

It seems difficult to assure who the most talented motorcycle racer of all time because per championship yearly has other rules. So it’s impossible to compare achievement of motorbike racer to find the best heroes. However, let’s see 4 heroes who are famous and excellent in the history of motorcycle racing.

1/ Kenny Roberts

Roberts was born in 1951 in Modesto, California. When he was young, he was interested in motorbike.

He has become the first American racer to reach the rank first in a Grand Prix motorcycle racing world championship. Besides role as a racer, he was a motorcycle engine and chassis constructor and owned a racing team. He had ma\ny chances to discover and investigate motorcycle racing standards.

Via his talent, many changes are improved better and better. So, people named him a Grand Prix legend in 2000.

2/ Mike Hailwood

Mike was born in 1940 in England. People called him with nickname as “Mike the Bike”. He is regarded as one of the greatest motorcycle racers of all times.

He won the most dramatic Isle of Man race of all time. Then continuous rewards in his career as joining at a motorcycles Grand Prix with high level or defeating rival Giacomo Agostini.

3/ Valentino Rossi

He is an Italian successful motorcycle racer with nine Grand Prix World Championships. He has list of rewards like: winner in the MotoGP bikes, winner in 8 of the first 9 races of the season and obtained the next title at Rio De Janeiro or winner in Grand Prix in the 2004 season.

He was born in 1952. He is considered as the second greatest star racer, only after Valentino. He had a admirable achievement tables like: wining 26 TT races at the Isle of Man or 23 TT Ulster Grand Prix in Northern Ireland. He really made deeply impressive of all times.

4/ Joey Dunlop