Beat at Dovizioso at the last racing corner, Marquez was the first racer to win the Thailand GP

The first MotoGP race in Thailand was very exciting. The championship stage is only decided in the final race, when Marc Marquez (Repsol Honda Team) excellently defeated his opponent Andrea Dovizioso (Ducati Team).

He had a huge advantage from being pole on the MotoGP 15th qualifying race day at Chang International Circuit. The No. 93 of Repsol Honda Team – Marc Marquez is the brightest candidate for the highest position on the podium.

Moreover, winning this stage will also have a very important courtesy, as this is the first time a MotoGP race has taken place in Thailand. Certainly all the racers want to be registered to open the goods for the Chang International Circuit race.

Not only for Rossi to pass, but only after the next race, Marquez continued to let Dovizioso easily overcome. Thus, from the leading position, No. 93 of Repsol Honda Team dropped to third disappointingly.

However, the turning point of the MotoGP 15th leg took place in the 11th round. Despite trying hard to push the speed up and trying to beat the continuous attacks given by Andrea Dovizioso.

But 9-time world champion MotoGP – Valentino Rossi must also pity for Dovizioso and Marquez to surpass him in a straight line. Obviously in this situation, Dovizioso and Marquez had a much better speed than Movistar Yamaha MotoGP 46.

And since the time when officially surpassing Rossi, the race in ThailandGP is really a one-to-one battle between Dovizioso (Ducati) and Marquez (Honda). The drama of the 15th leg was pushed to a high level in the last four laps of the Chang International Circuit.

Entering the 23rd round, Marquez began to accelerate the speed of the Honda RC213V 2018. And he gradually narrowed the gap with the lead racer Andrae Dovizioso (Ducati Team).

Although there have been consecutive times, No. 93 of Repsol Honda Team surpassed Dovizioso (Ducati Team) to get the top. But Dovizioso is not a medium arm. Number 04 quickly defeated number 93 to regain the lead of the race.