Isle of Man TT race – where people are challenged

Everyone feels that MotoGP is too dangerous, even a small mistake makes the driver pay with his own life. But, somewhere on an island, there is a race that is ten thousand times more dangerous than MotoGP. That is the Isle of Man Tourist Trophy.

The Isle of Man is an Irish island, located between England and Ireland. On the island, there are many narrow roads and many bends. So it will attract racing enthusiasts to try. The first Tourist Trophy race was held in 1907, with a length of 24 km.

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In 1911, the track was extended to nearly 61 km around the Snaefell mountain area and this is also the track used to this day. Every year, public roads on the island will be blocked for 2 weeks to make the Isle of Man TT race track.

This race continues to take 2 more lives on the 4th day of the following week. In 2016, 4 riders were killed. As of 2017, the total number of riders killed in the Isle of Man has reached 149 since the tournament began. If you include non-professional riders, the total death toll is more than 253 people.

Although there are many improvements to improve safety, but since 2000, there have been 26 riders killed. Given the danger of the race, the Isle of Man TT was given the name “death race”.

Isle of Man TT is the only race in the world. This is the most prestigious, most criticized race. And it’s also the most interesting, because it’s really scary.

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Thanks to this dangerous race, the whole world knows about the presence of the small island. It is said to be the place where people dare to stand up to the death challenge.

The small island in the middle of the Irish Sea with a population of only 88,000 becomes the most attractive racing festival on the planet. The organizers turned 37, 73 miles of streets into an epic race with more than 40,000 spectators from around the world. Spectators can also bring their own motorbike to attend events for them.