MotoGP 19- The Best Motorcycle game for a racer

MotoGP 19 is considered as one of the most modern games about the racing games in 2019. This game has received success and positive comments from players because of a variety of ways for design, graphic as well machine. This article will continue to review about this game– MotoGP 19.

In the previous article, we introduce about method of operation and benefits of changing for existing players modes. In this article, we will share some outstanding features of MotoGP 19.

About graphics and presentation

MotoGP 19 is really focused and improved about physics and lifelike crashes. When racer is in a racing, he can recognize some racer stars both in and out of cutscenes. It’s great when you can express your ability with some great drivers about motor racing. Although the function of the HUD is small, it can feed important information at all times about racing.

Besides it, this game is more interesting when making perfect effects about shadows. For example, driver doesn’t fight not only obstacles on tracks or the weight of the bike, he also faces up to difficulty of shadows on the pavement when there is chance in the weather. The more unclear the weather is, the more trouble and challenge driver has to overcome. Even there are some raindrops on the screen. You feel every sense looks perfect and smooth like a real motorbike race.

About esports and other features

The esports scene should be improved dramatically in this game. It becomes a dedicated server to practice amazing races. For instance, there is a smooth director mode to allow you follow, leave or navigate the track when you face up with troubles from outside such as weather, obstacles or opponents. The producer will accept your change but you will be got a penalty. This is the balanced rule for other players in racing process.