Motorcycle chariot Racing – A racing track for motorcycles that recreates medieval battle tanks

If you have seen the Ben-Hur will surely feel very impressed with the dramatic horse races. In fact, it existed in the past. Moreover, there is another race called Motorcycle chariot, but there are no horses, instead of motorcycles.

During the Middle Ages, horse racing was considered a dramatic adventure sport and it still exists nowadays. But racing with wagons like the Ben-Hur seemed to have been lost to oblivion as machines and motor vehicles developed.

Instead, in the 1920s and 1930s there was an extremely extreme sport that was different from riders just like Ben-Hur. That sport is Motorcycle Chariot Racing.

This unique sport took place with riders on motorbikes instead of horses as it was in the Roman Age. In the years that followed, as this extreme sport developed, riders began to build wagons that were more elaborate and resemblance to Roman tanks.

They combine two, three, or four motorbikes and fix them up to each other like a tie with only one person holding the reins. When this sport first appeared, it was very popular in the West, each race had thousands of cheerleaders. But until now, this sport has completely disappeared without anyone knowing why they only lasted for a few decades.

Some documents say they first appeared in 1925. However, Popular Mechanics magazine states that in 1922 this interesting game was born. According to images taken during the 20s and 30s of the 20th century, there is a very popular sport. In addition, holding the reins like this allows riders to change the speed of the cars independently when cornering.

It is a unique racing game, the vehicle is almost identical to the old horse-drawn wagons. However, instead of using strong horses to pull like in ancient Rome, people used motorbikes. Therefore, people also call this vehicle “iron horses”.