On August 10, the 2019 BarbersRide will kick off

After the event of the Speakeasy Barbershop in Liverpool this year, which is due to take place on the Saturday, August 10, the 2019 BarbersRide will start officially. Following this, on Sunday, a fleet of bikers will set off and take five barbering seminars.

Like an annual event, this year, the BarbersRide will also take place in five days for a road trip that have had the experiences of 3 years to be held. In 2019, the road travel will go around a number of cities in the UK in order to raise a fund for the foundation named Make-a-wish.

Here is how the event will process:

Liverpool on August 10, Saturday: There will be a pre-event to be taken place within only the riders. This day event is called the Speakeasy Barbershop.

Bath on August 11, Sunday: Paul Taylor-Clinch and James Beaumont will be the host for the Black Sails Barbershop event.

Aylesbury on August 12, Monday: Baldy Kenny will invite Wez Jones as a special guest for his Baldy’s Barbershop event, a special part in the Heartbreak Barber Club.

Norwich on August 13, Tuesday: Mark Young, Pauly Harmer and Haydn Woodrow will host the Swagger & Jacks special event.

Sheffield on August 14, Wednesday: Christian Wiles will be invited as a special guest for the Savills Barbers event with Joth Davies.

And in Lytham St Annes on August 15, Thursday: Alan Beak and Simon Shaw will co-host with final event called Ruger Barbers, complete the series.

If you want to join the ride, you need to pay 150 pounds for a ticket. The ticket is used for the seminar and afterparties access, rider support vehicle, a goody bag provided by the sponsors of the event and the route plan. The individual events are also opened for everyone. You can take part in them with 25 pounds per person.