Outstanding highlights for the Devitt MCN Festival 2019

The 2019 Devitt MCN festival has come to an end. During the weekend when the event took place, it was estimated that over 20,000 joined in the festival. On Saturday, there was a little rain, but it caused very little influence on the common atmosphere of the festival, with fantastic people sharing wonderful time together.

Reporters attended the festival also to feel the air and write about the impressive stories they had on site. There was a big success for Live Pavillion, the Bikes for Sale, with a huge interest from the crowd. For instance, it cost only 2,995 pounds for the 2018 BMW G310R with 497 miles on the clock. Also, there were tremendous bikes on sale besides. The site attracted plenty of motorbike enthusiasts for coming.

The ultimate biking weekend of the year has brought people to big surprises. In the festival, participants can join in bike road tests, with motorbikes from all manufacturers. It is estimated that there were hundred tests to take place during the time. To join in the test, you are required to bring along your license and lid. Next up, choose the rides you want to get on!

There are two days for the the festival, with two rounds of the racing for The Dirt Track Riders Association. Racers in the festival varies in ages, experiences and classes. There were some Highlights in the event, including Arenacross Freestyle Motorcross team, Steve Colley and Dave Coates, and the Michelin sponsored Two Brothers. Furthermore, this is also a chance to hunt for cheal accessories on sale for everything from clothing to top notch gear, originated from various brands. What you need is the skill of bargaining.

The two days of festival were taken place on the weekend, with so much activities to enjoy, especially parties and camping. While camping, you can also enjoy live music and join in late bars for the two night of Friday and Saturday.