MotoGP 19- The Best Motorcycle game for a racer

For the Formula seasons, almost Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes are dominating above all other motorbike brands in the world for Moto GP. Some guys feel it looks pretty boring when other brand can be competitive. But another view, we see profession and development of 2 the biggest brand about motorbike for racing. This article will

About a NASCAR driver

As far as we know, NASCAR is one of the most famous car racing in the USA as well in the world. One of attraction is prize when one driver becomes a winner. This number can be up to millions USA. It is so big to make power for any driver to discover and overcome

About a NASCAR driver

If you are a pro auto racer or a fan of racing, you will know about NASCAR racing. It is considered as one of the biggest car racing in the world, besides other racings like: F1. If it is well known for terrible and dangerous schedule as well interesting prizes. If you want to become

The earnings for pro motorcycle racers

Motorbike racing has grown as profitable sports industry with the high speed and cross-country racing roads. Annually, there are hundreds of pro motorcycle races around the world. Both racers and spectators feel exciting and attractive because of the power of speed as well strong willingness to overcome objects or barrier during the racing tracks. Whether

Top riding tips from a pro motorcycle racers

How is ways to ride a motorcycle from a pro motorcycle racers? When you see a pro racer in the track, it’s amazing when overcome other obstacles and dangerous topographic. Actually, racers have to improve various skills to reach this professional level. This article will share top riding tips to become a pro motorcycle racers.

How to become a pro motorcycle racer

Motorbike racing becomes one of the most adventurous sports in the young. Some people find motorbike racing to overcome limit themselves as well challenge their mind before danger, accident and even the death. Despite of being risky and causing serious injury, the young still addict to racing as a passion or even dream. So how

Ducati Panigale V4 R Review

Introduction Panigale V4 R is the latest version of Ducati which the manufacturer has built up to win the World Superbike championship. So it has unique design to become the winner for all racing motorbikes. Maybe it can special limit spending for special planet of amazing racers. Like a professional racer, it requires strength, stamina

How Dangerous Are Motorcycles Race?

Almost car and motorcycles has been notorious about risk and danger during the course and competition. As for pro racers, the death can happen anytime. Although they deeply understand about accidents as well difficulty from racing, they still crazy and have passion for tracks. If you are a pro racer or fan of motorcycles racing,

The most extreme motorcycle races in the world

Motorcycle racing become one of the most interesting sport in the world. It is attractive both racer and people like watching racing. As unique adventure to discover the roads and views around our life in the special way, you can feel amazing when someone can break limit of talent and effort via racing. But actually

V4 Multistrada of Ducati is coming for 2021

If you are an expert racer or a fan of motorbike racing, you have to know Ducati- one of the most famous racing motorbike brand in the world. Founded in 1916, Ducati has produced a range of premium motorcycles with technical and design features in performance engines with innovative design, performance engines. Almost motorbike racer