Quick Information about the DMV Circuit Championship

The DMV Circuit Championship standing for DRC is the National Motorcycle Championship in Germany. It is also considered as an important part of the IDM (International Motorcycle Championship in Germany). Because it is from DMV, there are many talent racing athletes to be employed and shined. It acts as an effectively professional board with complying rules of the German Motor Sports Federation (DMSB) and the German Motor Sports Association (DMV).

If you overcome DMV, you can receive a B license. It evaluates as a prerequisite to apply an A / I license. So it is really valuable with motorbike racers.

The DMV divides into other class and license respectively:

SBS Moto1 (Superbike Open): Offering for four cylinders with valid 18 years. It is equivalent to DMSB and FMN in Europe.

Pirelli Superstock 1000 (STK 1000): It is equivalent to DMSB and FMN in Europe for valid only 16 years.

Both SBS Moto1 and Pirelli Superstock 1000 will have the same training course then separate standard for evaluation.

Motul Moto2 (Supersport Open): There are many options like two-cylinder (for 750 cc), three-cylinder (for 700 cc) and four-cylinder (for 650 cc). Valid for 16 years with DMSB and FMN in Europe.

Pirelli Superstock 600 (STK 600): The same as Motul Moto2 but it valid for only 15 years.

Superbike 750 (SBK750) and Pirelli Moto Lightweight Open are the highest class. It can bare 1000 cc, 900 cc and 750 cc for two-cylinder, three-cylinder and four-cylinder respectively. But valid of Lighweight is shorter (only 14 years) whereas SBK750 is 16 years.


Depending on each class, there are specific rules.

If you have A/I or B-license, you have the right to get point in the racing series while you have only C or V license, it means no points can be remarked during racing.

Actually, the clear rules gives STK drivers to determine the opportunity in performing his ability in the form of points and recognition.