Quick information about website “Motorcyclenews.com”


Motorcyclenews.com (standing for MCN) is the biggest motorcycling website about any information of motorbike and cycles news in the world. With purpose is to exchange new information about leagues, update the racing rate or share motorbike stories of racer and audience, this website is considered as online arm of the motorcycle central.

Over its 59-year history, MCN has about more than 1.5 billion readers. It’s a numerous scale for an online magazine. Until now, MCN can assure that it is the world’s leading source of biking news. If you are a big fan of motor racing, you can’t miss any news from MCN.

By dedication and expertise, MCN team commit that they always bring you the stories and information about motorbike or cycle racing which you care the most. Furthermore, MCN team have promotion or award to support and encourage athletes to join the racing. It seems a group work for the human.


As discussion above, MCN is held to serve racer and fan’s demand in all things of motor racing. To match progression of technology and society, MCN have always updated version on setting and news related to motorbike racing or racer. As role of the top website about sport, MCN are fully responsive and creative content so that they can attract and keep reader longer and longer.

One of the greatest progression of MCN is made using mobiles or tablets so reader feel really convenient and comfortable to surf information.


Estimated that in 2017, this website delivered 15,991,741 page views for readers all over the world. In 3 early months of 2018, there are 1.38 million user to access and refer this website regularly. It is numerous and success for a magazine. They also spent £460 million every year to sponsor for motor racing championships.