Strike – the latest electric bike of Lighting

Look what we have got here! It’s a new model of electric bike with good looks, high tech and reasonable price. Let’s see if the features of this new product line can meet your demand.

Although Lighting has appeared in the market since 2009, there is only one line of electric bike is on sale. It is the LS-218, the electric bike with high performance and super power. However, the price is really expensive. With the new Strike line, Lightning still includes best features of their products, but with simpler details to lower down the price for the popular class.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho lightning strike motorcycle

Strike is powered by Lightning’s new liquid-cooled AC induction motor, combined with a 10 kWh battery and a charger which can be best charged overnight. A standard Strike has a mile range from 70 to 100, and weighs only 206 kilograms. As a result, it is 30% lesser in drag than similar unfaired machines. And the most attractive thing about this new range is, of course, the price. A standard Strike is $12,998 or a bit more expensive if you want an electric bike which can go further and faster.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho lightning strike motorcycle

You can also consider Strike Mid, which offers up to 105-150 mile range and a 15 kWh battery. But obviously, going along with better power is the heavier weight and more expensive price. A Strike Mid weighs extra 4.5 kg and costs 16,998 USD. Lightning also provides Carbon Edition to push the boundaries further still. This version has the biggest battery with 20 kWh and boost the mile range to 150-200 miles. The onboard charge also support the DC Level 3 fast charging. With it you can have 100 miles of range in the battery just after 20 minutes charging.

There must be some things you do not like in the particular version you want to buy. Don’t worry because Lightning allows you to purchase different size of battery and charger capacity rather than offering only the standard ones.