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Top 5 the most unpredictable races in F1 all the time

For any fan of speed, you can’t miss Formula One which is considered as one of the most favorite motorbike racing in the world. Although it is a USA national race, it has been located in many places in many nations. So, it becomes popular with everyone. In this article, we will continue to refer

Top event about history of Formula One

Formula One is granted as the most motorbike racing in the world. In this article, we will summarize top major events about history of Formula One. If you are finding some news about this racing competition, following our article. Formula One was planned and discussed from 1930s but then it was delayed because the world

MotoGP 19- The Best Motorcycle game for a racer

MotoGP 19 is considered as one of the most modern games about the racing games in 2019. This game has received success and positive comments from players because of a variety of ways for design, graphic as well machine. This article will continue to review about this game– MotoGP 19. In the previous article, we

Top riding tips from a pro motorcycle racers

How is ways to ride a motorcycle from a pro motorcycle racers? When you see a pro racer in the track, it’s amazing when overcome other obstacles and dangerous topographic. Actually, racers have to improve various skills to reach this professional level. This article will share top riding tips to become a pro motorcycle racers.

Pro riding tips for pro motorbike riders

Speed on the track is always excited and made more memorable stories during racer’s life. It can bring a lot of fun but it is more important to learn how to drive so you can do it safely. If you want to drive racing motorbike like a pro, consider pro riding tips as below: 1/

Quick information about website “Motorcyclenews.com”

INTRODUCTION ABOUT WEBSITE MCN Motorcyclenews.com (standing for MCN) is the biggest motorcycling website about any information of motorbike and cycles news in the world. With purpose is to exchange new information about leagues, update the racing rate or share motorbike stories of racer and audience, this website is considered as online arm of the motorcycle

Quick Information about the DMV Circuit Championship

The DMV Circuit Championship standing for DRC is the National Motorcycle Championship in Germany. It is also considered as an important part of the IDM (International Motorcycle Championship in Germany). Because it is from DMV, there are many talent racing athletes to be employed and shined. It acts as an effectively professional board with complying

WEC Introduction

If you are fan of motorbike racing or professional racer, you have to know about WEC. It stands for world endurance championship. Now let it discuss about season 8 during 2019 to 2020 which the most expected even for racing lovers all over the world. It divides into 2 parts: beginning with 4 hours and