The earnings for pro motorcycle racers

Motorbike racing has grown as profitable sports industry with the high speed and cross-country racing roads. Annually, there are hundreds of pro motorcycle races around the world. Both racers and spectators feel exciting and attractive because of the power of speed as well strong willingness to overcome objects or barrier during the racing tracks. Whether you are fan of motorcycle racing or not, you have ever known about the earnings of a racer.

Actually earnings or rewards of athletes in per championship should be secretive because there is no correct statistics about their annual earnings. However promotions and price for the winner on two wheels can be gleaned from official leagues can be useful to broaden your knowledge about the adventurous sport like motorcycle racing.

Motorcycle racing classes

Firstly, we should know about other circuits and classes in racing. Depending on character of other leagues, racing has unique circuit. It can be ice-track circuit or public roads and byways circuit.

There are main classes like: Motorcycle Grand Prix (including 3 small categories: Moto3, Moto2 and Moto GP), Superbike, Endurance and Supercross.       

The Supercross category

According to motorcycle racing, racer can receive purse money firstly which is paid by the organizers at the finish line. It can be paid to one rider as well his team.

Secondly, if rider becomes winner, he will get bonuses which is paid by several sponsors of this league or owner of motorcycle who employs riders to join this racing.

For example: about the top Supercross prizewinner which was held in 2013. Ryan Villopoto was a winner so he could receive $151,540 in purses, $1 million in bonuses. This number is really attractive to all riders. Furthermore, his sponsor gave $100,000 from the points schedule and a $1 million championship bonus as commit. It makes valuable earning for a motorcycle racer.