The madness of the Flat Track racing road

The first Board Track races are leveraged from old bike tracks. But this formula does not last long because of its danger. The Moto industry has produced high-performance supercars, and thus, as a result, racing regimes new motorbikes. Flat Track Racing is one such formula, with similarities and no less “crazy” than its predecessor Board Track. Although it was relatively safer.

The first Flat Track races are said to take place on sandy beaches on the beaches of the flag of origin. Shortly thereafter, they were professionalized and made use of the racecourse which was very popular at the time as a racing ground. When this sport is officially recognized and supported by the committee as well as car manufacturers, specialized race tracks are built.

Sự điên rồ của đường đua Flat TrackMann up

The Flat Track basically inherits the heritage of the valley track because of its Oval shape. However, these races are dirt track races. This feature makes them one of the most complex competition environments in the Motosports world.

Because the surface of the field will have an uneven grip due to the soil, and the sand will splash around during the competition. Not only that, the Flat Track formula also requires a combination of different skills at each different position on the field.

At this time, the racer must use other cornering techniques. It is to follow that natural skid and tame it by Counter Steer with both steering and throttle control. The technique of cornering drift gradually became the “specialty” of the Track Flat Track years later and to this day.

Báo Quảng Ninh

At the Flat Track, as with most Moto sports, mistakes can have serious consequences. Although trying to minimize the impact of the collision to the maximum extent, the consequences can still be very serious.

The madness of the Flat Track still doesn’t stop here. Behind the aforementioned labels are things more than that. Riders who need to be able to show their full potential need special equipment.