The most extreme motorcycle races in the world

Motorcycle racing become one of the most interesting sport in the world. It is attractive both racer and people like watching racing.

As unique adventure to discover the roads and views around our life in the special way, you can feel amazing when someone can break limit of talent and effort via racing. But actually motorcycle races has drawbacks.

The following is list of the most extreme motorcycle races in the world which are dangerous and infamous.

Isle of Man TT

This race has been held on a small island between Ireland and England. Until now, it is considered as the most dangerous race in the world.

The road route is extremely dangerous with snakes around the island over almost 38 miles. Racer has to come across towns and villages with speed more than 130mph.

Estimated that there are about 240 riders died during TT’s history but it continues to remain hugely popular with both racers and fans.

North West 200

It is an annual road race in Northern Ireland which takes place on public streets with a huge number of fans. It is notable when racer can overcome speed 200mph.

The first competition was held in 1929 with relatively low fatalities. But the regulation as well obstacle around racing roads seem unsafe and extremely risky for racer. For example there are no street signs or lampposts and telegraph poles to take note for racer.

Dakar The Dakar Rally

It takes place annually in South America from 1979 until now. It is also called off-road race. It was original from Paris, France to Dakar in Senegal.

In 2008, this competition was cancelled due to the threat of terrorism so they can’t race through the African desert. Then it has been removed to Argentina and Chile from 2009 for both professionals and amateurs racer.