Top 5 the most unpredictable races in F1 all the time

For any fan of speed, you can’t miss Formula One which is considered as one of the most favorite motorbike racing in the world. Although it is a USA national race, it has been located in many places in many nations. So, it becomes popular with everyone.

In this article, we will continue to refer top the best unpredictable races in F1 all the time. These races are unforgettable races for F1 history.

3/ Canadian Grand Prix in 2011

This is remembered as one of the most unpredictable races in F1 all the time with series of unforgettable events.

Firstly, it broke up the record at 4 hours and 4 minutes for the longest race in F1. But then it had to be slow down terribly due to some natural conditions. The heavy rains created more challenges for racers. After that Jenson Button was a winner excellently. Before reaching victory, he was crashed with his team at the 9th racing round. His car- McLaren was fallen in a pit. It was lucky that there is a safety car to follow to save him. He lost 2 hours to take a rest. Then he continued to this race. Overcoming the 65th round, he was in the second ranking, after Sebastian Vettel. By skilled experience and strong willingness, he defeated Sebastian Vettel to reach the first line. All odds and clinch were changed surprisingly for the finals.

4/ Austrian Grand Prix in 2019

This race was impressed due to series of hot talks during the racing. For the introduction part, fans were crazy when Max Verstappen made an impressive welcome for his comeback. He determined to become the winter for this event. While other stronger opponents were ready to compete with Max, such as Hamilton, the Dutch with two Ferraris and Botta.

The argument started from the 39th lap until 69th lap about legality of overtaking and outcoming.