Top brand of motor for MotoGP

Since the end of World War II, motorcycles were invented and raced on roads and fields in Europe. Then it officially became a sport for thrill-seekers

MotoGP is already a popular championship for motorcycle racing. Every season, organizers has changed and improved about technical level, rule of game to attract more and more experts and racer. We can check list some famous brand of motor which are allowed to use in MotoGP show

Ducati brand

It is brand from Italia which is famous for motor racing. Almost racer wishes to own a Ducati motor because it is produced for only racing purpose. So it is outstanding and individual compared with others

The latest version in 2019 is Ducati Desmosedici GP19. Red livery is a unique color of Ducati. Actually, by continuous improvement during 70-year history in racing, Ducati always inspires to motor racer about resilient to overcome challenges

Repsol Honda brand

It is good result of alliance between Repsol and Honda during 25 years until nowadays. It also become one of an icon in the world of motorsport.

It has a headquarter in Madrid which invented series of motor. The latest version in 2019 is Honda RC213V

Yamaha Factory Racing MotoGP brand

It’s representative for Yamaha brand. With purpose is raising the value of the Yamaha brand, it has improvements in advanced technologies to promote motorcycle racing

It was founded in 1955 with many versions of brand season by season so that they can compete in the world’s principal racing championship

Red Bull KTM Factory Racing & Red Bull KTM Tech 3

As publicized, RC16 is the latest version shown in 2019. It is decorated with blue and orange colors as 2 main color. It looks amazing and professional

Their ambition is to dominate also this MotoGP championship and road racing in general