Top event about history of Formula One

Formula One is granted as the most motorbike racing in the world. In this article, we will summarize top major events about history of Formula One. If you are finding some news about this racing competition, following our article.

Formula One was planned and discussed from 1930s but then it was delayed because the world war two. It had origin from the motor racing in the buoyant European racing scene. Until 1946s, racers collected and organized the first racing season by themselves. Although they lacked publicized regulations and profession in operation, this event impacted strongly to thought and feeling of racers. It made impressive and determining for the next generation to organize the bigger tournament.

As the good consequence, the officially first world championship race was organized at Silverstone with carefully aspects and expectation of racers and fans. From this event, the Formula One (F1) was been renamed and used until now in popularity. In the first championship, there were seven in total twenty of title for all racing rounds.

Besides the championships, there were some non-championship for F1 races annually to encourage racers hard-working. Although non-championship race didn’t offer any rewards or prizes, it still was welcomed warmly by everyone. Only until 1983, all non-championships were stopped because they wasted so much cost and expense to organize a race so the organizer told that they were no profitable from it.

For the beginning, almost racing motorbike were controlled and dominated by big manufactures about motor machine such as Alfa Romeo, Ferrari, Maserati or Mercedes Benz. We could list some famous racers for this period like Giuseppe Farina with championship for the inaugural title or Juan Manuel Fangio with 5 times for championship with five different manufacturers in 1951, 1954 to 1957 seasons.