V4 Multistrada of Ducati is coming for 2021

If you are an expert racer or a fan of motorbike racing, you have to know Ducati- one of the most famous racing motorbike brand in the world.

Founded in 1916, Ducati has produced a range of premium motorcycles with technical and design features in performance engines with innovative design, performance engines. Almost motorbike racer wish to own one Ducati like Diavel, XDiavel, Hypermotard, Monster, Multistrada, Panigale, SuperSport.

In 2021, on occasion of celebrating the Ducati Multistrada’s sixteenth birthday, this brand confirm to launch Multistrada V4 as a gift themselves.

To celebrate the massive event, the producer takes a long time to build a special motorbike which can be persuaded and admired by everyone. As several review, Multistrada V4 has expanded the twin cylinder 1260 and 950 motorcycles in specific engine. It has built a new exhaust system packed underneath so it can limitation in discharge fuel outside the environment.

Another function is a unique system, called “radar cruise control” (ARAS standing for: Advanced Rider Assistance Systems if we are being PR about it). The activity principle is using a variety of sensors front and rear to feel about problem from the environment and send feedback to the rider accordingly. It can be obstacles or fast-approaching cars. In another simple way, this function aims to predict an accident before it happens. They hope that it can give the rider a fair chance to avoid serious accidents.

Besides it, it has a warning system from improvement rear radar. It can help racer to identify and point out vehicles present in the blind spot or traffic from behind.

Actually, some specialist comment that both motor and engine of Multistrada V4 is inspired from Ducati’s MotoGP. It is completely understood because Ducati’s MotoGP is one of the most successful motorbike of Ducati. To attract the crowd, designers have to base achievements and strength from old versions.