WEC Introduction

If you are fan of motorbike racing or professional racer, you have to know about WEC. It stands for world endurance championship.

Now let it discuss about season 8 during 2019 to 2020 which the most expected even for racing lovers all over the world.

It divides into 2 parts: beginning with 4 hours and finishing with 24 hours of Silverstone in September 2019. The 2nd part is also the WEC finale will be held in June 2020.

During this season 2019-2020, WEC will visit five continents, including Asia, Europe, Middle East, North America and South America. It’s better for all fans in the world. Everybody will have a great chance to attend at least a racing. Actually, tournament organizers have a professional preparation for a international racing.

In term of expert, organizers also have higher investment as well change of rule so that they can bring the most wonderful championship for racer and viewers. The comprehensive regulations offer teams and racers a strictly unique period to compete at race circuits. Further, some latest features in technology about independent chassis, engines suppliers or design of motorbike are factors to battle at the highest levels.

We can’ forget to refer about motorbike which is the main accessory of motorbike racing. As researched, almost fans are excited about WEC because speed of drivers and patterns of super motorbikes. In WEC, it has another competition of the world’s top luxury motorbike. All famous producers want to take advantage of this tournament to launch a new brand.

Finally, discuss about rules of knock out. To become the winner, drivers need to prove their talent throughout the eight-round season, from the shortest racing to the longest racing, 4 hours and 24 hours respectively. As a good result, driver who has the world’s best endurance will become a champion of WEC in season 2019-2020