What is the Ironman race

IRONMAN, also known as IRONMAN 140.6 is the world famous triathlon with nearly 200 competitions taking place around the world. The event is organized by World Triathlon Corporation. It covers a total of 140.6 miles in 3 sports including 2.4 miles swimming, 112 miles cycling, 26.2 miles marathon.

The Ironman tournament is considered to be the toughest tournament with 3 combination subjects: swimming, running and cycling. This is the place to challenge the “endurance” of the athletes health.

Currently, there are a number of triathlons that have attracted many athletes around the world. Try to develop a training schedule that suits your condition and fitness.

Practice planning should be practical and maintained regularly. You will see noticeable improvements if you maintain a moderate but consistent exercise plan.

Join swimming, cycling, and running groups to boost your motivation. Your spirit will be much better if you have a teammate who practices with the same goal. You can also share experiences and get lots of advice from your teammates.

Currently there are many accessories and equipment that can support the runners, but as a beginner, you should try to train your body, fitness rather than depending on equipment to improve efficiency.

When there are too many exercises during the week, it’s best to complete the more difficult or more important ones. That’s while there is plenty of strength left in your body.

If you’ve practiced one resistance exercise then it’ll be difficult to do another tough exercise. Therefore, it is important to understand clearly the purpose of each practice session to prioritize appropriately.

What’s important is how your body reacts to the transition from swimming to cycling or running on race day. To simulate how you feel, you should incorporate brick-and-mortar exercises in: a swimming and cycling session, cycling and running.

Go through the whole process of undressing and rushing into your bike and running. You can include conversion practices during your brick workouts.